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Project management and collaboration over the internet.

Build Process

This page documents the steps that a phpCollab developer/contributor should take for building a phpCollab server locally.


Source Checkout

The following shell commands may be used to grab the source from the repository:

git clone phpcollab

Or a quicker clone:

git clone --depth=1 --single-branch --branch=master phpcollab
# git fetch --unshallow

For a successful clone, you will need to have set up SSH keys for your account on Github. If that is not an option, you may clone the phpCollab repository under https via


The following shell commands may be used to build the source:

cd phpcollab
git checkout master

When done, you may build the codebase via the following command:

./composer install

IDE Setup

phpCollab development may be carried out using any modern IDE.


The following plugins may prove useful during development:

Testing Modules

To test the functionality provided by a given phpCollab module, execute the following steps:

vendor/bin/codecept run


Point your web server’s root to the phpCollab folder